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Why Facebook won’t let people see your page posts in their feed

So, you have written the perfect Facebook post for your business page and can’t wait for the 1000 people who liked your page to see it. You can almost count the cash from the sales your are going to make. The problem is, most likely less than 2% of the people who liked your page will even get that post in their news feed! Even when you “Boost” your post, the results are sometimes less than impressive.

This has been something Facebook has been doing for a while now. It has just slowly been pronounced more and more. Facebook did this partially for selfish reasons (more room for boosted posts and paid advertising) and partially to try and help improve the user experience on Facebook.

I will explain Facebook boost and how to use it effectively in a future blog post, but for now I want to help you understand some of Facebook’s criteria for making a post visible in someone’s news-feed. I also want to help you learn how to get your posts seen more (organically).

Facebook uses many factors to determine who sees your post such as:

  • A persons interest in your page (do they ever visit your page?);
  • The type of post you are making (key words, subject matter) and the interest that person has in those subjects. And, YES, Facebook does keep track of who you click on and where you go on Facebook;
  • Your level activity on Facebook and how much you interact with others on Facebook;
  • And so much more …

Here are some ways you can get more mileage out of your Facebook posts and content:

  • Use and reuse the post by creating links to the post on your website or with other social media like Twitter.
  • BE ACTIVE ON SOCIAL MEDIA, especially Facebook. Your business page is connected to a personal page, make sure you are using that account to interact with others, like pages that are similar to yours, etc. Facebook knows and watches for inactive business page owners who don’t use those accounts;
  • Go ahead and promote your post or page – IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING TO PROMOTE. Don’t waste money just promoting a post unless you are asking people to do something or are promoting something. If a visitor clicks through to your page and finds no value, they may not come back or worse, they may ‘unlike’ your page;
  • Make sure you follow Facebook’s own guidelines for effective business page posting;
  • Post consistently and make sure you have a target audience;
  • don’t try and trick people (make sure the content matches the headline) AND;
  • Make pictures & video relevant to the content of your post & the subject of your business page (e.g. don’t bother posting pictures of cute kittens if your page is about pool supplies);
  • Hire someone to help you write content to make your posts more effective and consistent. There are many social media experts out there (present company included) who can help you get seem more by your audience.

There are tons of free resources to help you be more effective on Facebook as well. I will be posting a video on “How to get more people to see your Facebook posts” soon.

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