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Forbes advises small business owners to seek help from web professionals

Forbes advises small business owners to seek when attempting to grow their online presence

Forbes Magazine recently ran an article (Pozin, Ilya, “Leave It to the Experts”) warning owners about the pitfalls of trying to do their own small business web marketing. The article encourages these small business owners to focus their time on core competencies (i.e. running your business) & lists many benefits of using an online business consultant and Web Services Professional:

  • A Web professional can reduce costs by:
    • Eliminating the process of trial and error (thus getting to market faster),
    • No need to purchase all that expensive software,
    • Reducing advertising costs by running more effective targeted ads & IM campaigns based on market & competitor research.
    A Web professional will save valuable time because:

    • All the resources from web design to social media marketing are all available under one roof (less time on the phone, responding to emails, etc.),
    • No time-consuming learning curve. The small business owner will not have to spend time learning the complex aspects of Internet marketing or trying to keep up with the latest trends and technology.
    A Web professional brings expertise & experience:

    • Business owners will benefit from the wealth of knowledge and experience a trained IM Consultant brings to the table. This limits the guesswork, reduces exposure and minimizes risk.
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