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WordPress Development Services

Customizing your WordPress website & more

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What is WordPress Development?

Narrowly speaking, defines “web development” as the coding or programming that enables website functionality (the non-design aspect of building websites). More specifically here, “front-end development.”

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When do I Need Development Services?

Minimally speaking, even when you find the perfect WordPress template, there are often parts to the site that will need to be customized to fit your brand & requirements. This process would involve front-end development.

Our WordPress development services are engineered to perform

Reliable Platforms

WordPress powers over 25% of the web & is supported by a larger group of developers than any other Web platform

Modern Build

You will receive the most current, yet stable, web technologies as I develop your website; standards matter.

Responsive Build

Your website will look as good on a desktop as it does on a smartphone or tablet … and that matters to Google!

Secure Build

I secure your website during production & for 30-days after roll-out. Extended website security plans available

Development services by the hour or as part of a package

Pricing on WordPress development services varies based on rather or not you purchased them as part of a website package, a stand-alone package, or by the hour. Fill out a contact form or give me a call to discuss the scope of your project.

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