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Website Health & Traffic Reviews

A website review can give you an edge & peace of mind

A Healthy Website is a Happy Website

To remain at peek performance your small business website needs regular checkups. The best way to do this is with a website health & performance review. Reviews start as low as $99 with a 50% rebate towards any work that needs to be done

What Do You Know About Your Traffic?

A traffic review uses Google Analytics & other tools to analyze website traffic. Where do visitors go when the land on your website? Where did they come from? Where did they go when they left? We can also review types of browsers, devices & demographics, & geographic info

A Website Health & Performance Review Will Check For:

Slow Pages / Bad Code

Slow loading pages, broken links, outdated or bad code. All of these can slow your website down, frustrate visitors & hurt your ranking

Poor Performing Host

All website hosts are not equal. Some serve up your website so slow it will hurt your rankings & frustrate your visitors. Read about website hosts HERE

MalWare or Hacks

Do you know if you’ve been hacked? The fact is, many small business websites are passing Malware to their visitors & they don’t even realize it

Content Qualtiy & Layout

Like it or not, website visitors & Google are judging your content & layout. They vote with their clicks & search page position. How does your content rate?

What Happens if Disaster Strikes Your Small Business Website?

Hackers, MalWare, Bad Plugin Updates, Hosting Updates, and much more can bring your site down. How will you get back up? As part of the website health review, we will check your BACKUP & RECOVERY strategy. Starting at $99

A Website Traffic & Content Review Will Check For:

Meaningful Traffic Data

Google Analytics contain data points for bots & other meaningless traffic. We will separate out the real people & cultivate only the meaningful statistics

What Vistors Interact With

Knowing what visitors do when they land on your website is critical. It helps us do more of what’s working and less of what is not

High Bounce Rate

When visitors leave to quickly, you lose! This is called “bounce rate” Google hates this and will penalize your for it. Let’s see what makes them flee

And Much More ...

Will will check for many other items of concern as well depending on the package you choose. There are packages for every budget

Knowing About Your Traffic is Critical

Learning about your traffic, what visitors are doing & where they are coming from helps you build a better website. Traffic review packages start at $99

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