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Not Sure Where to Begin with Your Web Marketing Project?

Okay, so you know you need to do something with your business on the Internet, but are not sure where to begin with your small business website or web marketing. No worries, you are not alone in this struggle! Sit back, take a deep breath and let me give you a few things to consider before you start your quest.

Begin with your objectives

One of my favorite useful quotes is, “Before a problem can be solved, it must first be properly defined” (unknown). This was never so true as it is in the world of small business web marketing. You would be surprised how many small business owners want to build a website, but are not able to properly define the problem they are trying to solve by building one. So, they end up just choosing something that seems right and end up with a solution that doesn’t solve anything.

What do you expect your website and/or web marketing to do for you and your target market? You already think this way about almost everything else you purchase in life. For example, if you are going to purchase a vehicle, it helps to know the most important requirements before you begin your search. Do you need to haul dirt and tow a heavy trailer? Or, do you just need transportation to get you from point “A” to point “B” using as little gas as possible? You wouldn’t just walk up to a car dealer and say, “I need a vehicle, choose one for me!” The problem you define will help you make the most informed decision to meet your requirements. The same process should be used when choosing solutions for small business websites and web marketing.

Identifying & documenting your objectives

Objectives (goals) for a small business website can be anything from selling a product or service to needing a place for clients to book appointments with you. There are a wide-range of goals and objectives you should be considering before you make a move. Putting together an Request for Proposal (RFP) is one of the best ways to make sure you have your objectives written down so everyone is working towards the same goals.

Choosing the right solutions to solve your problem(s)

Once you have your problems defined, you will need to have an idea which solutions will work best. I understand that this part of the process can be difficult and frustrating. Do you just need a website? Do you need to add email marketing, social media marketing, videos, a blog, SEO, SEM, Content Marketing? This is the part where you will need guidance.

The good news is, your RFP will help guide this part of the process. The other good news is that there are many resources out there to help you make informed decisions. One solution I always recommend is that small business owners attend meetups in their area designed for small business owners to learn about Internet marketing. These meetups are usually conducted by Web marketing professionals, like myself, who want to help educate small business owners.

What to Expect in the Process

Reputable Designers & Web Marketers are going to want to know what your budget range is going to be. It is not a good idea to approach web design or Internet marketing companies unless you have a budget in place. Having a range is okay. Realistically, the average price range for a standard small business website is between $2,000 – $10,000. More comprehensive web marketing packages or eCommerce sites will run between $5,000 – $20,000. The reason websites are expensive is because there is a ton of work, time, experience, and knowledge that goes into the process. Without a proper strategy and “behind-the-scenes” work, your website is most likely to sit and collect digital dust.

You can check out my “Getting Started on a Website” page for other items that will help you get the most out of your investment.

You can also see my page on the web design process I use with my clients to get a better idea of what to expect.

Website Project Discovery & Strategy Sessions

If you are still not sure where to begin, I offer project discovery and strategy sessions for small business owners. These sessions are designed to help you build the most effective marketing tool possible. This where you and I work together to translate your business and vision onto the web. Sessions include everything from competitor research to which tools will work best to reach your target market.

Right now I am offering a 50% rebate to all small business owners on all three of the website project discovery & strategy packages that I offer (if a contract for the job is signed). This is a great way to work one-on-one with a web services professional at a greatly reduced consulting rate. Even if you decide not to get a website package from me, you will still walk away with a solid web strategy and online business plan that you can use to dominate your market online. Click on the button below to see all three packages and secure your 50% rebate today!

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