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Investing in Your Brand

Start by investing in a compelling message and building your own special brand

The mistake many of us small business owners make is that we assume we are somehow doing enough by investing in a website and maybe a dash or two of social media promotion. We make the same mistake when we only invest in advertising loss-leader products or services that make us little or no money in the end. The problem is, neither of these this does anything to build a sustainable and profitable brand or bring in loyal, long-term clients or customers … the kind of perpetual business that will cause our business to grow and thrive even when we are out enjoying our life. In order to move towards long-term success and sustainability, learn to begin investing in your brand.

Successful businesses like Apple, Nike and Disney know that investing in your brand is critical. They all have a clear, compelling message, mission and purpose. We know their logos and what their brands stand for. We know what they do and why they do it. Customers buy into their messaging (the why) and branding first before they buy their products. These customers are loyal because they know the brand, trust the brand, and they feel good when making a purchase from them. However, very few small business owners are able to duplicate this success and here’s why …

Crafting a compelling message is difficult … if it were easy everyone could do it. Furthermore, presenting that message on the web and getting it seen by others is even MORE difficult. Simply building a website, getting some SEO done and engaging in a little social media promotion (like FB boosts) alone are not going to cut it these days. What we all need is an on-line advocate who understands the challenges small business owners face first hand. Someone who is on our side and will work with us hand-in-hand to reach better clients and obtain a better life.

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