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WordPress Security Services

30,000 websites are hacked every day, don't be one of them!

Doesn't my host already protect my website?

Your website host may provide minimal protection in the same way a door & a lock would. However, hackers are getting more sophisticated, which means you need to be EXTRA vigilant to protect your digital resources.

How can I protect my website & my visitors?

At the very least, begin with a website security review. From there we can review several options to shore up your website’s security according to your particular needs and budget. There are both security & maintenance packages available.

What’s the danger? What can really happen w/o protection?

Brute Force Attacks

Automated attacks on websites are common. Brute force attacks make large numbers of guesses at your admin username/password in rapid succession.

Executing Malicious Code

Once in control, hackers may execute malicious code that can bring down your website, delete digital assets, or even infect your visitor’s computers.

Malware Infections

CNBC warns 75% of websites at risk of Malware infections. USA Today adds, infected sites are passing Malware to visitors without even knowing it.

What Hackers Want

Are you thinking, “I don’t have anything valuable on my site? Who would want to hack me?” The fact is, hackers DO want access to your resources.

What Happens if Disaster Strikes Your Small Business Website?

Hackers, MalWare, Bad Plugin Updates, Hosting Updates, and much more can bring your site down. How will you get back up? As part of the website health review, we will check your BACKUP & RECOVERY strategy. Starting at $99

Successful attacks will negatively impact your business

Website Downtime

If your site relies on daily traffic to keep your business afloat, the downtime resulting from an attack may be intolerable.

Google Blacklisting

If Google or your host notices Malware on your site, it can take a long time to get off of the Blacklist – you WILL lose traffic & ranking.

Loss of Digital Assets

If hackers prevail & you don’t have reliable backups ready to restore, all your digital assets are at risk of being lost, corrupted, or infected.

Damaged Reputation

If clients become infected or their credit information is compromised, your reputation may be damaged, and that’s not easy to restore.

Protect yourself by becoming both proactive & defensive

The fact is, it takes several levels of protection to properly harden your site against attacks. The good news is, we can take steps together to accomplish this without breaking the bank. Because no level of protection is 100% secure, we will also put a disaster recovery plan in place to recover your site quickly if you are attacked. Listed below are a some of the plans you can select to start protecting yourself & your website visitors right away. Each of the plans below requires an initial $99 Health & Security Review so I can suggest the most appropriate plan of action for your business. I may recommend we set you up on a managed hosting plan with WP Engine, or a security plan with a provider like Sucuri. In such cases, you may end up paying fees to those providers each month instead of myself. In either case, you will be protected.

Health & Security Review
  • Reviews the Following:
  • Scan for Vulnerabilities & Exploits
  • Check WP Core, Themes, & Plugins
  • *Scan for MalWare
  • *Scan Infected Files
  • User/Password Issues
  • Weak File Permissions
  • Bad/Vulnerable Code
  • Backup Vulnerabilities

*Security threat clean-up NOT included. $250 or more per incident.

Security + Monitoring
  • Real-time Backups
  • WP Core Updates
  • Plugin Updates
  • Theme Updates
  • Malware Scans
  • Security Plugin
  • Uptime Monitoring

(Security threat clean-up NOT included. $250 or more per incident). 6 month contract, billed monthly

Security Services
TBDper Case
  • Add SSL Certificate (https://)
  • Add Real-Time Backups
  • Install/Config Security Plugin
  • Recover Site
  • Add 2-Factor Authentication
  • MalWare Site Cleanup
  • Infected Site Cleanup
  • Cleanup & Move Site
  • Google Black-list Removal Request
  • Document Security Plan
  • Establish Security Protocols

If you need any of these services, contact me directly for pricing (714) 662-2203

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