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Artwork, Graphics & Image Credit Attributions

Listed below are a list of attributions by page for images and graphics that were not produced by Real Time Web Marketing. All such images and graphics used on this website were purchased and attribution guidelines (as outlined in terms of use) were followed carefully. If you own the copyright to any of the image(s) on this website and feel you were not attributed correctly, please contact me at with how you would like to be attributed.

Attributions by Page Name

  • I will voluntarily be posting all attributions shortly. For now, all images not produced in house are © Can Stock Photo Inc. 2016. I have a copy of all the purchase receipts if there is a need to verify. See below for Can Stock Photo’s own EULA statement on the subject of attribution for content used on a website:
  • FROM CAN STOCK PHOTO EULA: We kindly ask that you include a short artist credit if you are using the file in an journalistic manner (e.g. newspaper articles, blog posts), or for TV/movie use. If you ask us nicely, we might waive this requirement. A credit is not required for any other usage (books, advertising, decoration, website design, etc), although it’s appreciated!
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