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My Mission Statement | My "Why"

I empower small business owners to succeed and gain a competitive edge in the online marketplace so that they can attract more clients, enjoy life more, and be proud of the business they have built.

This is the Reason I Posted My Mission Statement

First, developing and knowing a mission statement helps me to stay focused when I am tempted to wonder off point. Posting it in a public place reminds me if I ever forget. I know we all find shiny new objects to chase from time to time. And, it is certainly important to remain open to new input. However, more often than not, chasing ‘new and better’ only defuses our effectiveness and robs us of time.

Second, I am placing my mission statement here so that other business owners can see how important having a clear mission (knowing your why) becomes when developing your story and brand. We all need to know our “why” as the first step in effective messaging. As author Simon Sinek put it ” … the why drives what we do and how we present ourselves to the public at large.

Too many business owners have trouble communicating their “why” clearly because they don’t even have one defined. I see signs of this right away when I begin to work with these folks. Simple passion or the desire to make money may be great motivators to start a business; but, it takes purpose and a well-thought-out plan to grow a business and prevent burn-out.

In developing my mission statement, I chose to keep it simple. I made sure it required no explanation and that it did not include a ‘how’ or ‘what’. I wrote a blog post on how to do this for your own business HERE based on a book from Simon Sinek called “Start With Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action.”

What Gets Me Up in the Morning and Makes Me Feel Alive? Choosing my “Why”

I love helping others – this includes working with small business owners and non-profits. I love being of service in my community. I enjoy helping people discover their vision and finding a purpose. I thrive on helping people develop a core message and discovering who their target audience is and is not. But, like you, I have to make money to pay the bills and have some money left over to enjoy life. That is where Real Time Web Marketing comes in!

I wish you a prosperous and joyous life – I hope to hear from you soon.

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