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Search Engine Optimization

80% of all website traffic will start with a search engine query! (Formstack, Hubspot)

What is Search Engine Optimization?

SEO is the process of optimizing a website & it’s content to get it to appear as high in Google’s organic search results as possible. Some of the SEO process is internal to the website (on-page) & some of it is external (off-page).

Do I Need SEO for my Website?

If your small business website is not showing up high enough in search results for the keywords you want to be found for, than yes, you will benefit form SEO Services. The top 10 organic search results get over 80% of the clicks, the top 3 alone get over 60%!

4 reasons to have a pro do your SEO for you

Google Changes Standards

Google changes it’s search rules 2-5 times a year. SEO Pros have to keep up on all the changes anyway & can update your site accordingly

Access to Tools & Reports

SEO Pros have access to advanced tools, research, & reports. These tools help take the guess work out and put the results in

We Have Experience

SEO is an art as much as it is a science. SEO Pros have learned through experience what works & what does not. Let our pain be your gain!

You Don't Have the Time

Time is money. When you are focusing on SEO, you are not focusing on your core business. Let us let you do your job while we do ours

See what Search Engine Optimization Services did for Jenny

Don't make Google guess what your website is about!

If your SEO is wrong, search engine results will be too! Don’t chance it, basic SEO packages start at $199

Avoid these 4 mistakes with your SEO

Don't Try & Trick Google

Use only search terms that are related to what is on the page. If Google catches you cheating, you will be penalized or vanish from SERPs

Hire Promises w/o Specifics

We’ve all seen the emails or got calls that promise top results on Google. Buyer beware! Read more about SEO false promises HERE

Spend Money w/o a Plan

Starting an AdWords or PPC campaign without having a solid keyword strategy in place is a HUGE mistake. Don’t waste your time & money

Beware of the Black Hat

Black hat techniques are the fastest way to get penalized by Google. While this method gets fast results, it will cost you in the end.

Website Design Packages to Fit Your Budget

Three levels of website design plans to select from. All plans include critical elements for success on the Web. Each plan will be customized according to your specific requirements.

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