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Instructional Videos for Small Business

Web Marketing Workshop Training Videos

Don't gamble with your marketing dollars!

Are you gambling with your marketing dollars? Placing ads or spending money blindly on web marketing is a lot like gambling in Las Vegas, but it’s not as fun! Let the team at Real Time Web Marketing teach you how to plan and strategize your web marketing so that each dollar invested has the greatest chance of showing a return. Give us a call today and set up a consultation.

Workshop Training Video Series

This page includes a host of helpful videos for new and existing small business owners to learn all aspects of web marketing. Some of these videos will be Mike conducting workshops in front of other small business owners, while others will just be Mike teaching on a subject or answering questions. If you have any suggestions on a subject you would like Mike to cover, or have a question you would like answered, please submit a request via our comment form.

Digital Marketing Workshop Video Training Series

In this series of videos I conducted a workshop for small business owners at the SBDC in Santa Ana, CA. The title of the workshop was “Crafting a Digital Marketing Plan that Sells.” In this series, I cover the many aspects of digital marketing in a way that most small business owners can understand and apply.

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