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Website Redesign Services

When you are ready to take it to the next level

Website Redesign vs. New Build

A minor redesign would involve changing some content and part of the layout. A New Build would re-imagine and rebuild the website from the ground up. Most projects fall somewhere in-between

Do I Need a Website Redesign?

If you are not sure you need to redesign or rebuild your website, a website health and traffic review is a great place to start. Most redesign projects occur because the owner is not happy with one or more elements of the current website

You know it’s time for a website redesign when

Your Website Looks Dated

When websites look dated, visitors don’t stay & Google ignores them. The days of building a website and forgetting about it for years are gone

It Looks Bad on Mobile

In 2015 Google started to punish websites that were not responsive. If your site looks bad on mobile devices, it’s time for a mobile upgrade

Key Elements are Obsolete

Is your website using old coding standards or elements being phased out like flash? If so, your website may appear broken or become unsafe

It's Not User Friendly

The term ‘usability’ defines how easy or difficult a website is to use. If visitors have a hard time navigating or finding info, than its time to redesign.

Ready to redefine your website's succcess with a redesign?

Submit a website redesign form by clicking the green button below. Use PROMO CODE: WRP2016 and get a free 30 minute, no obligation redesign consult!

My Own Website Redesign for 2016

website redesign example
Design is not static! Even website designers need to refresh their own website design & content

Website Design Packages to Fit Your Budget

Three levels of website design plans to select from. All plans include critical elements for success on the Web. Each plan will be customized according to your specific requirements.

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