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Responsive Design Upgrade

Don't frustrate mobile users - make sure your website is mobile friendly

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What is Responsive Design?

Responsive design simply means that your website will automatically re-format to fit various mobile devices & orientations. The idea is to optimize the website experience no matter which device it is viewed on

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Your Customers Are Going Mobile, Are You?

Not that long ago mobile webpage views overtook desktop views. If your website is not mobile friendly, your potential customers will most likely leave your website and look for a mobile ready site

Some things you should know about responsive design

It Looks Different

Mobile sites often have squares stacked one on-top of the other. This makes them look different, but is normal

Different Elements

Mobile versions of websites often contain elements that are different from the desktop version

Ease of Use Critial

If a mobile version of your website is hard to use (not optimized for smart phones), mobile visitors will not stay

Google Knows

Google knows if your website is mobile ready or not. If it’s not mobile friendly, Google will penalize you search position

Let's Take a Look at Your Website to See if it's Optimized for Mobile

Call for your free, no obligation, 30 minute mobile review and consult. Free consult will need to be scheduled & is subject to availability

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