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Market & Competitor Research

Find out how your competitors are targeting your core customers

Why Research Competitors?

If your competitors are reaching your core customers before you can, then you will want to know how they are doing right and how you can do it better. From search terms to content, we can review it all.

Why Research Your Target Market?

If you don’t truly understand who your target market is and what makes them tick, you will be throwing marketing dollars down the drain. Market research helps you zero in on who wants to buy from you.

Target market research turns your aim into a bullseye

Core Customer(s)

We will work together using cutting edge research tools to identify & create avatars of your core customer(s)


Marketing is more effective when you use the proper mode of persuasion. Read about psychographics & more HERE

Keyword Strategy

Be sure you are discovered for search terms your core customer(s) use to find you. Read about keyword strategy HERE

Compelling Content

Once you know what they want, present solutions that solve the problems they have. They will love you for it!

Make Your Online Presence More Potent with Your Target Market

Discover the keywords & content your competitors are using to dominate your market, and then beat them at their own game! Take your first step towards getting a foothold on your market. Click the button below & fill out the questionnaire

Competitor research takes your game up a notch

Don't Reinvent the Wheel

Competitors have already done most of the hard work! Why not just learn from what they have learned?

Balance the Scales

If we see something your competitors are not doing well, we can balance the scales just by doing it better.

Use the Tools

I have arsenal of paid tools I use to go beyond the free research tools out there. Let’s dig in together and win!

10 Free Tips

I love sharing great resources. Here is a useful article from Inc. magazine on 10 competitor research tactics.

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