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Social Media Fail. Is your online business socially awkward?

We all know someone who is awkward social situations. At parties, they hang out on the fringe. When they do find someone who will talk with them, they have a difficult time thinking of something appropriate or interesting to say. Being socially awkward as an individual may not keep one from success, but being socially awkward on social media will be devastating for one’s online business.

Social Media Fail

Any business that relies on social media & the web to attract or maintain customers must learn to navigate multiple forms of social media, know which platforms to engage, and then create compelling content on a regular basis. Too many small business owners make the mistake believing that this is easy and anyone can do it. What results more often than not is a mega social media fail! Not only do these business owners not attract new followers, exiting followers eventually tire of the irrelevant and awkward feeds then “un-like”, “unfollow” or “unsubscribe”… double ouch!

Don’t Fear the Expert

If you are having difficulty attracting new followers, getting click-throughs or getting your posts, tweets and bleeps noticed, maybe you have a persistent case of social media fail. It is time to consider hiring a professional to help. Social media experts and content providers do not bite (at least most of them). Many will work within your budget (including me) to get you the results you need to be more dynamic and less awkward online. Some will even train you on which platforms are most effective for your market and will help teach you how to write better content. At the very least, consider attending some social media meetups or workshops. What do you have to lose?

This socially awkward minute was brought to you by Real Time Web Marketing – “Building a better online business … together”.

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