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The Big Business of Small Business on the Web

Does it sometimes feel like your business is stranded in the desert?

The good news for small businesses today is that anyone can afford to put their business on the web.  The bad news for small businesses is that ANYONE can afford to put their business on the web!

There are so many inexpensive ways to get a business on to the web today that just about everyone has a business has some type of presence on the Internet today.  There is not only the obvious website, but then there there are many other options as well such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Blogs, Internet Directories (like Yahoo and Google), etc.

But, what many small businesses who finally make the leap and launch a website find out is, there are SO many websites that it is hard to stand out and attract quality customers on the web. This blog is setup to give advice to small business owners on how to give yourself the best advantage when competing on the web for visibility and customer leads.

Stay tuned, more to come soon ….

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