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Holistic Approach to Web Design

Never forget the big picture when it comes to designing your website

Imagine if you will, the most awesome car you can think of. The car you think of may be one that will impress people, one that will go extremely fast and look sexy, or maybe you are one who covets luxury cars, picturing yourself rolling down the road in comfort and style.

image of red corvetteChances are though, that that is not the car you buy when you go to purchase one. For most of us, our vehicle of choice is not one that will impress people or go really fast, but one that will meet more practical purposes. 1) We want the vehicle to be reliable and not break down, 2) We want the vehicle to get us from point “A” to point “B” and 3) We want the vehicle to serve other practical purposes (such as be able to transport our families, carry our tools, help us to do our job, be economical on fuel, minimal repairs and maintenance needed). We make this choice because we know it makes more sense in the end because we take he holistic approach instead of a microcosmic one.

There is More to a Successful Web Presence than Just Flashy Design or Luxurious Features

For whatever reason, many business owners do not take this same holistic approach when they set out to commission their website design. Some just want a flashy website with lots of bells and whistles and ignore the bigger picture. The fact is, while that website might feed an ego and impress people, it may not cause potential customers to click, buy or interact with your business online. And, what good is a flashy car if it is hidden in the garage where no one can see it (i.e. customers can’t find you on the web). A successful web presence is MUCH more than just web design in the same way your vehicle has a bigger purpose than just going fast.

The Holistic Approach to Web Design

A holistic approach to web design will begin with a CLEARLY STATED business plan (e.g. what do you want people to do when the visit your website?). This plan then will be guide keyword research and strategy, market research, UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) design, content marketing strategy, social medial integration, email capture and marketing, SEO on-page and off-page, use of videos and compelling imagery, and so much more.

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