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Michael E. White | LV Home Remodeling

Preview of Michael E White General Contractor website

Project Description & Customer Testimonial

Project Description (click on the image above to visit live website):

Michael E. White is a long-time general contractor. He was a contractor in the Hollywood area in California for many years remodeling homes for some of Hollywood and sporting s biggest stars. He moved to the Las Vegas area over 20 years ago and has remodeled over 10,000 home in that area. Las Vegas remains a very competitive marketplace for contractors so a solid Internet presence is needed since many of the residents are from all over the world and find their contractors over the web.

Since putting up the first version of the website several years ago Mike has received phone calls from cable television shows wanting to feature him on their home improvement shows. The website has been featured in the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce and continues to draw new high-end customers to the business.

The website needs to be updated regularly and new photos added to keep it fresh.

Customer Testimonial:

We are a long-time remodeling contractor in the Las Vegas area and our competition here is fierce. We are always looking for a competitive edge in the market and in the Las Vegas area, you need to have a good presence on the Web to be competitive. Mike has been doing our Internet marketing and website work for several years now and we constantly get compliments on our website. Our website has even drawn the attention of several Cable channel home improvement shows where we have been asked to participate in some of the shows. Mike studies the market, researches the important keywords for us and continues to maintain and our website regularly.  We highly recommend Real Time Web Marketing and Mike to anyone who needs a website designer and Internet marketing.

Michael E. White, General Contractor.

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