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Mary Cox Physical Therapy | Manual Physical Therapist, Costa Mesa, CA

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Project Description & Customer Testimonial

Project Description (click on the image above to visit live website):

Mary is a physical therapist that approached me at a networking meeting. She wondered how having a professional website would be better than the website she had just built on WIX. I went over some of the unique requirements a private medical practice would have. Then we discussed the importance of effective messaging and communicating what she does for her patients.

When it came to functionality, I mentioned how we could make her website go to work for her by adding HIPAA compliant forms for initial consultations & medical history. This would not only not only save her time, it would mean she could have the completed forms before the patient arrives, allowing for more time for actual treatment. Finally, I suggested that we add some videos to the site to help potential patients get to know her before they visit and explain how assessments and treatments work. Mary loved these ideas! So, we moved forward with a new website project.

Even though it took a bit longer than a normal website because of the HIPAA compliant forms, Mary ended up with a website that included a section for first-time visitors, patient forms, helpful videos, a useful FAQ section, and much more. Her website launched on January 26, 2017.

Customer Testimonial:

I already had a website, because I just needed something for my small business. Time marched on and I became busier and busier, not getting my most favorite clients, and started drowning in paperwork.

Then I meet Mike with RTWM and asked him to look at my website for help and advice. One thing led to another and … WOW! My new website is super user-friendly, my colors, my personality, video’s of me, 3 dimensional, Blogs, A call to action, and my most favorite is that the forms are online now. Saving me so much time with less effort.

The project took a lot of time and effort! I never dreamed as to how much effort goes into a website. Mike lead me by the hand, took the scary stuff away, was a phone call away, he also did a lot of research on his own to understand about my business, find pictures, learn the terms and brought it all together. Even evaluated and contacted various companies to provide HIPAA compliant forms, that would meet my needs.

So now he will manage it and do the “Google thing” to keep my website on the first page, so my people find me! Would totally, without a shadow of a doubt, recommend RTWD by Mike Baker.

Mary Cox, Owner, Cox Physical Therapy

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