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Social Media Marketing Services

Getting social has never been so profitable

What is Social Media Marketing?

In the business context, Social Media Marketing (SMM) is used to drive traffic, advertise or get conversions (sales). SMM can also be used to build new relationships or nurture existing ones. Most popular platforms include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, & Instagram.

Is SSM Right for My Business?

SMM is not for every business. First, your target market must be engaged in social media. Next, for maximum results, you should be active on social media yourself. Fill out the Internet Marketing form HERE to see if SMM is right for you

How will social media marketing grow my business?

Makes You More Connected

Businesses that use SMM on a regular basis become more connected with their customers. This means there is a much better chance at repeat business

Expands Your Effective Reach

SMM reaches all over the world and into almost any market. There is no better way to penetrate new markets than with SMM

Keeps Your Brand Visible

With all the noise on the Web it’s hard to stay in front of your customers. SMM will allow you to share promos & specials in an organic way

Let's Your Customers Share

Let your customers sing your praise! SMM will allow them to share with others how satisfied they are with your business

Ready to get social and watch your business grow?

Let us help you get your social media program up and running! Shooting in the dark doesn’t work, it’s a waste of money! Consistent, relevant posting, SEO specific hashtags, and proper targeting is critical to any successful social media marketing campaign. Save time and don’t waste money! Let our experts do it for you and get the results you are looking for! Click the button below and fill out our social media marketing questionnaire so we can get you started!

Social Media Marketing Services Pricing

The pricing grid below shows our fixed pricing for SMM services. Multi-platform discounts are available upon request. Please note, pricing for SM Advertising does not include the ad spend amounts. We will make a suggested amount based on our expereince. To begin, you must fill out our Internet Marketing Assessment Form.

STEP 1: Social Media Marketing Setup

Required for all new accounts
$225 Per New Profile Setup

Existing Social Profiles $150 Each

We will either set up a new profile on the platform(s) of your choice, or we will review your existing profile.

A minimum (3) three-month contract for either SMM Posts or Advertising is required to access this service

Pricing on all SMM packages is subject to change. A formal proposal will be presented before work begins

Social Media Marketing Posts

One or more platforms
$225 Per month / Per platform

Platform Specific Pricing. Special package pricing for multi-platform posting availabe upon request.

All packages include hastags aligned with SEO & free stock photo imagery as required

FACEBOOK | 2 – 3 posts/week

TWITTER | 1 tweet/day 7-days a week

GOOGLE + | 2 – 3 posts/week

INSTAGRAM | 2 – 3 posts/week

LINKEDIN | 2 – 3 posts/week

(3) three Month Minimum Contract Required

Social Media Advertising

One or more platforms
$225 Per month / Per platform

Platform Specific Pricing.

All packages include building the ad, setting specific targets, and reporting of results. Acutal Ad spend is not included.

FACEBOOK | up to 2 campaigns/month

INSTAGRAM | up to 2 campaigns/month

LINKEDIN | 1 campaign/month w/ up to 20 ad combinations

(3) three Month Minimum Contract Required

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