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YANA | Cancer Comfort Non-Profit

Project Description & Customer Testimonial

Project Description:

You Are Not Alone (YANA) is a cancer comfort non-profit. Not long after YANA began operating they realized a website would be needed to communicate their message of hope. The website would need to let the public know about upcoming events, recruit volunteers and take requests for comfort packages from all over the United States and beyond. The website also needed to be flexible and scalable to accommodate this growing non-profit.

The project was built on the WordPress platform to allow for growth and so that contributors in the organization could login and post to the blog. Since its launch, the YANA website has served as a vehicle to help organize marathon events all over the United States and to take requests for care packages from loved ones with cancer. I am proud to continue to be part of this project. A website redesign is scheduled in early 2015 to update the look and expand the online services offered over the Web.

NOTE: As of January 2016 (after 3 years of working with YANA), I no longer maintain their website.

Customer Testimonial:

Mike Baker is a dedicated and talented professional web designer who brings a deep and impressive track record to any organization that he is associated with. It was a privilege to have Mike as a part of our team as he worked tirelessly and enthusiastically providing essential services and guidance on our very impressive website. Mike is smart, experienced, a good listener and a solid problem solver; he is devoted to doing the right thing and setting a high standard of diligence and clear communications in all his areas of responsibility. I am pleased to give Mike a strong recommendation and would be pleased to speak further on his behalf. John Gronnel, Co-Founder

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