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Sober Meditations | 12-Step Recovery Videos

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Project Description & Customer Testimonial

Project Description (click on the image above to visit live website):

Sober Mediations is a 12-step based recovery website featuring a series of guided mediation videos. This basic website is meant to help others find serenity and needed to be simple, easy-to-use, and built on a limited budget. Thousands have visited this website since it’s launch and the owner continues to get feedback on how many people it has helped.

UPDATE: We are about to update the entire look and feel of this website. Keep an eye out for the refreshed look and feel soon.

Customer Testimonial:

I had just produced a series of self-help meditation videos and wanted to find the best way to showcase them on the Web and eventually find a way to monetize them. I contacted Mike from Real Time Web Marketing and he was willing to meet with me right away. Mike sat down with me, listened to me talk about my vision for the website and the business model I thought would work best. He shared some of his own ideas, brought up concerns that I had not even thought of, and made some valuable suggestions that we ended up implementing. In the end we worked together to find the best way to accomplish my goals and stay within the budget that I had available at the time. It is refreshing these days to find someone who not only cares deeply about his customers, but who actually listens to what they have to say as well.

Gavin H., Sober Meditations


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