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Author Christine Magnus Moore | Both Sides of the Bedside

Snapshot of Both Sides of the Bedside Website

Project Description & Customer Testimonial

Project Description (click on the image above to visit live website):

Christine Mangus Moore is an author and public speaker who shares her experiences with others. She was looking for a way showcase her book Both Sides of the Bedside to potential publishers. She also wanted to share her experience with cancer sufferers, cancer survivors and their families in way that would encourage them and give them hope. The website would also need to highlight upcoming speaking engagements; host videos, audio and pictures from events & radio interviews; host a blog detailing her experience as both an oncology nurse and cancer survivor; and allow her to connect with others through social media. Content would need to be updated on an ongoing basis

In the first part of 2015, Christine came to me for a complete redesign and update of the website to feature the branded look & Feel of her new book. We also supercharged her on-site and off-site SEO to improve her visibility in search engines to help her sell her new book.

Update June 2015 – Christine’s kindle version of her book went to #1 in her category in May of 2015! The website has attracted almost three times as many views. The website and social media campaigns together have helped to increase book sales, bring awareness to her remarkable story, and attract speaking engagements and media attention.

Customer Testimonial:

I was terrified of having my own website, but I knew I needed one for my book titled Both Sides of the Bedside. Mike made all the difference! Not only did he work with me step-by-step in assessing what I wanted and needed, he also made me feel comfortable with the process of building the website. I have so appreciated his expertise, professionalism, reassurance and patience. I am no longer terrified, but proud and happy of what my website has become. He is truly an expert in his field and stays up-to-date on social media trends. I cannot thank Mike enough for all his hard work! Both Sides of the Bedside author, Christine Magnus Moore


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