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Animated Explainer Videos

When words alone are just not enough

What Are Animated Explainer Videos?

These videos include templated animated characters, white boards, or other animated elements that can be customized to a degree to fit your brand. They are kept simple, short and are very effective at explaining any product or service

Will My Site Benefit From Video?

Yes, it will! Statistics show us that website visitors are 64% more likely to purchase a product or service after watching a video. Custom animated videos can run thousands of dollars! My explainer video packages start at just $100

Animated Explainer Videos work magic!

Animation Makes Them Click

When people see there is a video with animation, they are much more likely to click and watch. Once they click, you have them hooked!

Keeps Visitors Engaged

People are much more likely to watch an entire animated video than any other type. Animation is almost hypnotic in a sense

Makes You Relatable

People like what is familiar. Animation has a way of making your product or service more relatable by associating it with childhood memories of cartoons

Video is Worth 1000 Words

Attention spans are short. People will watch what they won’t read! Video has become the #1 proven way to sell a service or product

Here are a couple of samples of animated explainer videos

Use animated video to get your visitors to click, stay & act

Videos start at just $100 when you use coupon code AVP2016. Now, that is a value you can’t afford to turn down! Order 2 or more videos & save 15%.

PLEASE NOTE: While there is a certain level of customization I can create with these videos, I do not create custom animated characters. Custom videos at that level can run in the $1000’s of dollars. I can gladly refer you if you need that level of customization

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